About  Onieé's  Engagements

Jawana Onieé, Owner/CWP

Principal Designer

Onieé's Engagements, {pronounced oh-nays}, is a professional floral design company that specializes in the production of modern, unique and glamorous weddings. We are devoted to the seamless wedding. With cutting-edge floral design, and a team of experienced designers,  we create an Onieé's Engagements experience that is like no other! 



Planning your wedding is more than just a notion. From the invitations,  to the linen selection, there are thousands of details that go into crafting your special day.
As an experienced floral designer, I know what it takes to 

pull off the wedding of your dreams. I know that it's not only about the

 look, but also the actual feel of your wedding. With, Onieé's 

Engagements your guests will embark on an unforgettable experience. 

They will see all of the beautiful decor with every detail meticulously 

crafted. They will smell and taste the delicious, eye-catching menu selections. They will hear the music that will make them 

cry, and make them dance. They will feel the love that you have for each other in that moment, and so will you. You will be able to enjoy this 

magnificent experience, and be present in the midst of it all. 

We are here to help you create that fabulous wedding you've always dreamed of. So, send me a message; let's get started!